Your insurance for :

Your vehicle

Come and discover our different formulas to insure and protect your vehicle against material damage, or to protect you against third-party liability as well as to protect the driver in case of accident. In order to get a personalized offer contact us.

Your house / your family

With our insurance Reebou family your house will be covered against all different kinds of damages as fire, storm, glass breakage, water damage and much more. Furthermore you will be able to add different packages covering your entire household as a personal legal protection, an accident pack, a travel pack and more. Come and get your personal offer.

Your health

With Medicis you have the possibility to prepare already today for the moment our national health system will no longer be able to maintain the actual cost-coverage. Furthermore you have already today with Medicis the choice of the place of hospitalization thru Europe including Switzerland.

Protecting and Saving

You want that your children or loved person shall be financially secured in case of your death, or you want to prepare your pension and at the same time save taxes or, you simply want to secure a loan, we will find together the suitable insurance for you.


You are tired of looking at marginal interest rates or poor returns on your investments and on top you don't feel well informed, in that case our asset management will find together with you your personal investment profile and suggest the suitable investments. Come and discover your future investment strategy !
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